Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Pool Builder

There are some important questions you should ask your pool builder - and their response will alert you immediately on whether they are qualified or not to be a builder you can trust in this very important decision and investment. Here are the top 10 questions you must ask:

1) POOL COMPANY INFO?: Are you the owner/salesman of the pool company? How long in
business? Are you member of BBB or Chamber Of Commerce?
2) SUPERINTENDENT OF CONSTRUCTION?: Who will oversee the construction of the pool:
his name. How often will he be here. Who do I call when I have a question about the pool: his name.
3) HOW IS THE POOL BUILT?: How many subcontractors will there be in my pool
construction. What is best way (steel/concrete) to build a pool in Houston soil.
4) THE EQUIPMENT?: What kinds of filters, motors, heaters are the best? How many
jets can I have in my spa? What is the warranty on the equipment?
5) TIME LINE?: How long will it take to build my pool....what is the average time it
takes, why?
6) REFERRALS?: Would you give me names and numbers of 5 folks you have built pools
for in the last 5 yrs?
7) POOL SCHOOL?: Will you balance the water after it is filled the first time? What
does the balance include? Will someone show me how to take care of the pool water/operate the equipment?
8) ALL BILLS PAID?: Will I get a release at the end of the construction showing that
everyone has been paid?
9) WARRANTY INFO?: On pool shell, plaster, tile & coping...etc. etc.?
10) ASK YOU WIFE WHO SHE WAS MOST COMFORTABLE WITH IN THE POOL INTERVIEWS: Women are many times better judges of character then men. Men get
involved with the how and the cost of the construction of a pool. She may surprise you.

The above are absolutely essential questions you need answers to - and Aloha Pool Builder knows these answers and so much more. Don't trust your investment and dreams to anyone else.

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