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Aloha Pools & Spas was started in August of 1983. It was a joint venture of Bob Reynolds and his father-in-law Loy Easter. The formation of the company came as a result of 2 years working in pool cleaner sales. During that early period, they interviewed hundreds of swimming pool owners. Much of what the pool owners consistently told them was their disappointment in pool builders, pool service men and lack of good information. Later they decided they would open a pool company and offer good information, reliability and honesty.

Aloha opened a retail store at the corner of Hwy 290 and Jones Road that year. The rest is a continuing history of the company. Their first pool was built the following year, and they continued to provide weekly service for many, many years. Aloha has been in continuous service since 1983. The original owners are still active in the day-to-day operations of the business. They continue to provide Weekly Service, Repair, Remodeling, New Construction and Information to folks in the greater Houston, Texas area. Aloha Pool Builder continues to be the very best choice for homeowners looking to make the right decision on their design-build pool investment.

Pool Builder. Pool Care. Pool Inspections. 360 Degrees of Pool Excellence.

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