About Bob Reynolds (aka: "Aloha Bob")

When it comes to pools, no one knows more or has more experience than Bob. His philosophy is "there are no shortcuts" when it comes to building a pool right. A pool evangelist, Bob can spot a subpar pool with one glance - and his expertise has been leveraged by the top pool professionals in the industry.

But pools are not the only passion of Aloha Bob - he has been a member of the Houston Symphony for many years and has designed some of the most amazing and elaborate cakes you have ever laid your eyes on. Unrelated to pools? Now if you think about it, it is this highly creative side to Bob that gives him the vision to design a pool for you that will make you sing.

When you call Aloha Pool Builder to discuss your new pool, you quickly discover - not only his amazing wealth of pool expertise - but also a personality second to none.

Pool Builder. Pool Care. Pool Inspections. 360 Degrees of Pool Excellence.

To get more information or to schedule your pool build:

Contact "Aloha Bob" at 832.843.6027 or email

We look forward to hearing from you.